It’s almost here……..

Hey there everybody, CX season is almost upon us. We are all looking forward to another season of being tortured by the sweet course designs of Keith Bayly. Sign up will be on Zone 4 this year. The fee for the entire 7 race series will be $50. Due to the concern regarding the impact on the City Of Calgary Parks, we are capping the number of registrants at 140 people. We hope to run 2 races each night. The initial races will start at 6:30pm, and as we lose daylight over the coming weeks we will adjust the start times accordingly. We would like the A Group to be a combination of Cat 1,2,3 and 4 riders with the B Group consisting of Cat 5/people new to CX. Sandbaggers will be harassed mercilessly and forced to move up to the A Group at our discretion.  Riders will only be allowed to race in one group on any given evening.  New waivers will need to be signed, and Midweek #’s worn. Please use your current Midweek Crit # if possible.

Stay tuned for the go live date of registration.


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