Mayhem CX Results Race # 1

Race #1 Results

B Group

1. Sam Amberiadis, Upgraded to A group
2. Houston Peshl, Upgraded to A group
3. Amit Dutta
4. Paul Andrew
5. Ceasar Martin

*I know that these five riders missed a corner on lap 1 and rode a shorter lap. I’m gonna let the results stand. From what I could tell from the growing gap, these five were the fastest of the lot anyway.


1. Cindy Koo Enevoldsen
2. Sara Tomassini
3. Alana Heise
4. Lisa LaPoole
5. Linda Green

A Group

1. Chris McNeil
2. Mark McConnell
3. Devin Erfle
4. T.J. Neault
5. Peter Lawerence

Upgrade and series points work like this.

Place Points
1 10
2 7
3 5
4 3
5 1

Upgrades to A group are achieved at 10 points (or my decision)

Current Standings

B Group

5, Amit Dutta
3, Paul Andrew
1, Ceasar Martin


10, Cindy Koo
7, Sara Tomassini
5, Alana Heise
3, Lisa LaPoole
1, Linda Green

A Group

10, Chris McNeil
7, Mark McConnell
5, Devin Erfle
3, T.J. Neault
1, Peter Lawerence

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