WTF! & OMG! The City has informed me that the Water Work Peoples will not have their equipment moved until late June / early July. We are so sorry everyone. There was really now way for us to have foreseen this issue. The plan for now is to still get the crits going as soon as the equipment is moved. We will work on some ideas in the comings weeks as to what to do for everyone who has already signed up for this year. Please be patient. THX

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5 Responses to OH CRAP!

  1. John says:

    Perhaps find an alternative location?

  2. Mike Manger says:

    How about using a road called Bearspaw Loop instead? Not a lot of people live there.

  3. Graham says:

    There is an option at TCR ranch a derilect community most everyone has ridden past west of Cochrane on the 1A. I am a local and look at that area out my front window and could look into it if there is enough intrerst?

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