Calgary Cross Collective needs some more racers…

Hey Peoples what is up? Numbers are looking pretty low for Calgary Cross Collective this Sunday. We have great prizes from Crave Cupcakes, Steam Whistle Pilsner, Bike Bike, ROAD – Calgary Cycle, and Brodie. As per usual a lot of people have put a tonne of time in to make this happen in short order. If we don’t seem a reasonable increase in Registration by NOON on Friday we may have a hard decision to make. Thanks for the support.

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3 Responses to Calgary Cross Collective needs some more racers…

  1. Ian P. says:

    Tried to reguster on Friday afternoon and got the “we can’t be bothered” response.
    Unfortunate that the attitude is less about encouragement and accomodation and more about organizer sacrifice.
    Not that BC is the best of the lot, but my former club puts on a race (Vanier Park CX) no pre entry, race day only, $25 a pop, free food and 200+ entries. Awesome event.
    Oh yes, results include time for every lap for every racer.
    I can understand the effort that goes into these events, bu in the end, the product has to be enticing and fun for the participants.

    • Hey Ian, sorry that you feel like we dropped the ball on this one. Maybe this is something we need to look at changing in Alberta. At present I don’t think any road or cx races have same day registration. This is something that our Provincial cycling body has ask us to do, which not only helps their officials organize the start list for us but also helps us organizers know how many people are coming in advance. Sadly in this province we are no where near the numbers of what happens in BC, so knowing a couple of days in advance if we have 50 or 150 people coming is important. Check out for the remaining races in Calgary, there are at least 3 more coming later this month.


    • Trev says:

      Ian, I think if you had any idea about the amount of time Brent puts into making racing available to the masses and absolutely encouraging you would feel remorse about pulling the trigger on this comment. I understand it is easy to sit at a computer and judge people you obviously haven’t met or bothered to learn about, but it is worth it to educate yourself on the local players and some of the local logistical and cultural challenges that may not exist in BC. I was sorry to read your comment as it does not reflect the reality of this race in particular or this race director.


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