Hello 2013!

Greetings all!

The City has approved our access to the Research Park for 2013.  We have also gotten the ball rolling with the City to have them come out and sweep the course.  So now we wait, and hope that Mother Nature does her part to allow us to start racing.

Registration will be live on April 28th. If you are new to crit racing you are in the “C” group (Cat5).  People should only sign up for the “B” group if they are experienced Cat 5 or 4 riders.  “A” group are Cat 1/2/3 and experienced 4s.  If you aren’t sure where you should sign up, fire me an email.

We are planning two Learn To Crit Nights, on May 7th and 14th. They are FREE – come out to get some helpful pointers and time on the course in advance of the first race night. We highly recommend that you come out to at least one of the nights if you are in “C” group.

We have adjusted the schedule to only have 2 groups racing per night to promote safer riding.  “C” group will race every week, and the “A” and “B” groups will alternate weekly. 

Our goal is to give the “C” group a lot of time on the course to improve both their skills and their comfort level in the pack. The “B” group will be split in two. You will be emailed with which group you are in (B1 or B2) shortly after registration closes. On the weeks that the “A” group races, we will run a slightly longer race than in the past, probably close to 40 min.

More details are on their way, stay tuned…


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