A – W – C is the order for tonight…

Stay tuned for weather updates closer to 6pm…. Hopefully the thunder boomers don’t materialize as predicted.

We will also be implementing our new volunteer plan tonight.  No race will start without enough Marshals in place for the next race.  Ideally want 10 marshals per race (especially for the first race when area traffic is higher), can make due with 7 for the second and third races…



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2 Responses to A – W – C is the order for tonight…

  1. dgauld says:

    I’ll come by and help out, do I need to sign up somewhere or just show up?

  2. Help is always appreciated. Ride on over or park your car in the Food Inspection Agency parking lot. Find myself or Adrienne at sign on, and take a look at the course marshals sign on.

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