2015 Mayhem CX Schedule

Racing will start at 6:45pm for the first couple of weeks, then move to 6:30 and possibly even 6:15 by the end of the schedule.  Sign up will still be via Zone4.  You must sign up in advance, no on site registration will be taken.

We will run 2 races, an A and B group.  Men and women race together for these ones.

Sept 2 Laycock Park

Sept 9 Laycock Park

Sept 16 Deerfoot Park – CANCELLED!!!

Sept 23 Deerfoot Park – B starts first at 6:30pm!!!

Sept 30 Deerfoot Park

Oct 14 Shaganapi Park


3 Responses to 2015 Mayhem CX Schedule

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  2. Erik cramer says:

    Hey brent what happened to September 30 and/or October 7 ?

    Thanks much

    Erik ( no number) cramer

    • We could not get a permit for Thorncliffe because of construction. Canmore Park wouldn’t even entertain the idea of allowing us to race there. I am hoping to talk with the City and have today’s race rescheduled for the 30 or 7th. Stay tuned….

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