Concerns in Canmore and Shagannapi Parks

Hey Peoples. It has been brought to my attention that there are some people behaving poorly while riding in City Parks. Poorly to the point of having verbal confrontations will local residents. I admit, I ride in certain City Parks to get some CX practice in. Sadly for everyone’s information riding in a City Park on the grass is illegal unless you have a permit.
I can’t make everyone stop riding on the grass. I will not stop riding on the grass in certain locations. I can however beg you all to use better judgement out there. Yes, when some people approach us aggressively it’s hard to not return the favour. But once again I beg you all to take the higher ground on this one.
I have been personally contacted regarding specific events that have occurred at both Canmore Park, and Shaganappi Park recently where cyclists have not reacted nicely to being told by local community members about their concerns regarding damage to the grass. I understand these are primo cross locations for practice. I beg of you all to use these 2 parks either sparingly or not at all. As cross continues to grow our relationships have in many ways strengthened with City Parks and certain Community Leagues. However these poor interactions between cyclists and community members can set up back quickly.
It boils my blood to hear from Community Leaders that cyclists are saying they have a right to practice in the park because the Mayhem. PLEASE use better judgement out there. PLEASE do not say you are in the park because of Mayhem racing. Unless it’s a Wednesday night and I have a permit you are there illegally.
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