Amended Final Standings For Mayhem CX 2017

Final A Group Standings For Mayhem CX 2017….

A Group Women
1st Tara Whitten 15pts
2nd Alana Heise 13pts
3rd Shawna Donaldson 11pts
3rd Justine Sagan 11pts

A Group Men

1st Isaac Niles 10pts*
2nd Shawn Beefona 10pts
3rd Rob Britton 9 pts
3rd Ad Hd 9 pts

*Isaac wins the 2017 Mayhem Cross Series based on 2 wins to Shawn’s 2nd and 3rd place finished.

Congrats to the winners who will have their names forever etched onto the fabulous Midweek Mayhem Cross Trophies.

Thanks again to everyone who signed up to race, and offered their help in making our series happen.

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