2019 Mayhem CX Schedule

There is no on site registration.  You must register in advance on Zone4, space is limited.  You must be a member of the Alberta Bicycle Association or have an UCI License.

You must sign on each week prior to your race.

PLEASE wear your assigned Midweek number.

Racing will start at 6:30pm for the first couple of weeks, then 6:15, and then 6pm as we start to lose day light.

Sept 4 Laycock Park – B Group at 6:30pm*, A Group at approximately 7:15pm

Sept 11 / changed to Sept 12 Laycock Park – A Group 6:30pm*, B Group at approximately 7:15pm

* new start times for Laycock Park equals longer races for Race 1 & 2

Sept 18 Thorncliffe Greenview Comm. Assoc. – B Group at 6:30pm, A Group around 7pm

Sept 25 Thorncliffe Greenview Comm.Assoc. – A Group at 6:15 pm, B Group around 6:45 pm

Oct 2 Deerfoot Park – B Group at 6:00 pm, A Group around 6:25 pm (races will be shortened due to the lack of light)

Oct 9 Deerfoot Park – A Group at 6:00pm and B Group around 6:25pm (races will be shortened due to the lack of light)