Well 2020 has been interesting hasn’t it….

Well 2020 has not gone as planned. Hopefully you have all found a way to stay motivated and continued to ride any and all of your bikes. With all the covid business going on in the world the racing season has had to take a back seat. Slowly but surely things are being adjusted to try to get us back to normal. That being said, hosting races in 2020 is a mighty task. As per usual Kyle had started to get the Mayhem Cross permits in place right around the time the pandemic was starting. He was able to secure one permit for Laycock Park before things went sideways.
Our plan is to host a modified event at Laycock Park on September 2. This event is going to be used as a sort of test event to see if it is possible to host a race under the new guidelines. This event will have 2 races, an A Race and a B Race of 25 people each.
Registration will open on Zone4 at 7am Monday August 31. The fee will be $5 and you must be a member of the ABA (General Membership or Licensed, etc).
Some of the rules that must be followed for this event to happen are as follows:
– Respect social distancing guidelines that are in place at the venue. Ensuring that any accompaniments are kept to a minimum (no family if it can be avoided)
– Masks must be worn when not riding on the course.
– All athletes must be self-sufficient. Sharing of any equipment or personal items is strongly discouraged.
– Limit your time at the venue as much as possible. Athletes are asked to leave the venue as soon as possible following a race.
– You will be required to answer pre-screening questions on site (at sign on).
Stay tuned for more details over the next handful of days.
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