Mayhem CX Week 2

A Group start week 2. 2021

Much thanks to Ridley’s Cycle for prizing last night.

We had a total of 89 racers last night.

B Group Winner was Curtis, welcome to the A Group next week.

2 – Francis L (welcome to the A Group as well)

3 – Jack (you need to think hard about moving up to A)

4 – Garth

5 – Dennis

6 – Patrice

A Group Winner was Mark

2 – Shawn

3 – Andrew

4 – David

5 – Damien P

6 – Graham

7 – Scott

8 – Jason

A Group Women Winner was Susanne

2 – Shawna

3 – Justine

4 – Rhonda J

5 – Kristin

6 – Jessica K

7 – Jenn

I am not sure I have this right… it got a little confusing with people being lapped last night… Please message me I can make adjustments as needed.

If there is anyone who is riding in the back of the A Group I would love to move you to the B Group. Fire me a message if you wish and I can make this happen.

Please note the adjustments to the start times for next week at Thorncliffe Community Association. B Group start will be at 630pm, and A Group 705pm ish…

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