Bike Setup Policy

Please observe the following mandatory items in regards to making your bike safe/legal for participation in the Mayhem Crit series:

1. Bike must be mechanically sound (f/r brakes, headset, bars, etc etc)

2. No flat handlebars, drop bars only (only road, cyclocross, gravel bikes will be allowed. No mountain bikes or time-trial/triathlon)

3. Barplugs must be installed. No one wants a core sample taken from their body in event of a crash.

4. No aerobars and/or bar extensions may be present on your bike

5. Saddlebags, pumps and the like must be removed from your bike prior to the start of the race

6. No water bottles may be carried with you during your race.  Races are only 30min in length, trust me you don’t need to have a drink.  This is a safety thing, water bottles seem to be extra slippery at midweek crits for some reason.

If you some of the above is confusing to you, just ask Brent or Kyle, or shoot us an email with your question (


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