CX Code Of Conduct

1. Rider Conduct 

Any abuse of our Midweek Officials or volunteers will not be tolerated.  Any such behavior may result in temporary suspension or up to complete expulsion from any Midweek Mayhem events as determined to be appropriate by the Midweek Mayhem Board.

Riders will conduct themselves in a safe and civilized manner, and will respect the rules of common sense and the rules of the UCI/CCA/ABA at all times.

Any riders deemed to be behaving in contravention of the above will be asked to leave the race, and information regarding incident will be forwarded to the ABA.

If you observe someone riding erratically, please mention their race # to race directors/managers.

We realize our presence in the city parks does cause some wear and tear on the turf surface.  Please attempt to avoid damage beyond the regular wear and tear.

Riders will look out for each others’ safety!


2. Alcohol

Zero-tolerance, any participant found to be imbibing will be asked to leave and may be suspended for the remainder of the cross season.


3. Pedestrians and dogs on course 

All pedestrian park users (human or animal) have the right of away.

Please slow down and go neutral should other park users come onto the course.


4. General Points

Helmets will be worn at all times when at event. This includes arrival, warm-up and departure.

Midweek race #’s must be worn in order to participate, anywhere on the back of your jersey.

Ride only in the race that is designated by your Midweek race #.

No warming up or cooling down on course while a race is in progress.

In the event that you knock a barrier over, please stop and right it before continuing.

No littering!


3 Responses to CX Code Of Conduct

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  2. Tim Brez says:

    I noticed that there was a few people riding the course whil the B group was racing as well as one guy riding around with no helmet on

    • Hey Tim, if the guy without the helmet was in Speed Theory kit I talked with him, shortly after I saw him riding around. We of course must follow normal ABA event insurance guidelines where EVERYONE must be wearing their helmet while at the event. Same goes for riding on the course while another race is going on, this is a NO NO. I will send a reminder to everyone before this coming Tuesday.

      Thanks for the heads up.

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