2011 CX Schedule

Fees and start times are yet to be determined.  We have learnt from past experience that we start losing light quickly at this time of year so starting the races on time and early become very important.  The first cx race or two will start around 6:30pm, with the additional races starting closer to 6pm each week.  As in the past we will only run 2 groups instead of 3 like at the crits.

*times and dates are subject to change

Tuesday September 6 – Laycock Park         Race order is B – A

Tuesday September 13 – Laycock Park       Race order is A – B

Tuesday September 20 – Thorncliffe Greenview Comm. Assoc.       Race order is B – A

Tuesday September 27 – Deerfoot Park       Race order is A – B

Tuesday October 4 – Deerfoot Park              Race order is B – A

Wednesday October 12 – Canmore Park (Calgary)   6pm START, A – B

Wednesday October 19 – Shaganappi Park  6pm START, B – A or maybe both at the same time depending on attendance.


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