CX Weather Policy

Although Cyclocross is a sport born and bred in the muddy fields of northern Europe, we are a bit constrained by the weather for the Midweek Mayhem CX Series.

The series runs in parks owned and operated by the City of Calgary. Not suprisingly, they don’t want us tearing up their parks by running races on soaking wet or snow covered ground. Midweek Mayhem is on the hook financially for any major damage to parks we race in, so we may have to occasionally cancel races at the last moment.

The rule of thumb is that if it has been raining or snowing heavily for an extended period on the day of a race, we will not run it. If tires are leaving ruts in the ground, or grass is being chewed up too badly, we will shorten/cancel races for that night.

We will, if possible, update the blog/Facebook/Twitter as soon as we know that a race is cancelled. Please note that this is often a “game-time” decision, and that advance notice may not happen.

FYI, we do NOT issue refunds for weather-related cancellations.


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