Crit Code of Conduct

1. Rider Conduct

  • Any abuse of our Midweek Officials or volunteers will not be tolerated.  Any such behavior may  result in temporary suspension or up to complete expulsion from any Midweek Mayhem events as determined to be appropriate by the Midweek Mayhem Board.
  • Riders will conduct themselves in a safe and civilized manner, and will respect the rules of common sense and the rules of the UCI/CCA/ABA at all times.
  • Any riders deemed to be behaving in contravention of the above will be asked to leave the race, and information regarding incident will be forwarded to the ABA
  • Riders will look out for each others’ safety! Overtaking in corners is strongly discouraged in these events.
  • If you observe someone riding erratically, please mention their race # to race directors/managers

2. Alcohol

  • Zero-tolerance. Any participant found to be imbibing will be asked to leave and will be suspended for remainder of season.

3. Vehicles on Course

  • Vehicles have right of way 100% of the time!
  • Races MUST be neutralized when a vehicle is on course (as indicated by Marshalls or as observed by riders).
  • Riders will slow down (slower than vehicle if it is ahead and moving in direction of race) and move as far to the right as possible in single file.
  • Under NO circumstances will riders overtake/crowd vehicles, or confront in ANY manner drivers of vehicles on course.
  • If race directors/managers determine that these rules are not being observed, race will be halted and not resumed

4. General Points

  • Racers will endeavour to comply with centre-line rule at all times.
  • Helmets will be worn at all times when at event. This includes arrival, departure, warm-up, and race
  • Midweek race #’s must be worn in order to participate (right hip jersey pocket)
  • Ride only in the race that is designated by your Midweek race #
  • No warming up or cooling down on course while a race is in progress
  • In event of a crash riders will STOP next time they reach finish line. Race will only be re-started by race manager/director when safe to do so
  • No littering
  • NO PUBLIC URINATION. Bathrooms are available at your house and/or the VRRI pool located straight south of corner #3.  Violation of this rule will result in a 1 month suspension from the series.  No refunds will be given.

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