Wednesday Sept 21 Race Update #1

The weather forecast honestly isn’t looking too bad.  Hopefully it doesn’t rain too much today.  A little sun tomorrow and wind the standard Calgary wind we should be good to go.  My plan is to check out the conditions at Deerfoot Park tomorrow at noon and will update peoples then.

When we race tomorrow night, B Group is first at 6:30, with A Group around 7pm.

Oh ya, we will be opening more spots for Wednesday Sept 28, so stay tuned for details….

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September 14, 2016 Race Order:

A group at 6:45pm and B group at 7:15 ish…
Still at Laycock Park for this week…
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Results from Week 1 Of Mayhem Cross

Stats from week 1 of Mayhem CX
86 A Riders
78 B Riders
A Group
1 – Mark M
2 – Isaac N
3 – Shawn B
4 – Warren M
5 – Andrew D
1 – Alana H
2 – Shawna D
3 – Michelle J
Welcoming to the A Group next week are:
Nathaniel B
Darren P
Mason K
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Volunteers Always Needed…

We always need help with Course Marshals at all the Mayhem races. These people are always volunteers who are either racing or there to watch others race. To add a little something something to entice people to help….. For every time someone signs up to Marshal thru out the series your name will go into a draw at the end of Mayhem season. The prize…. lets see….. it will either start with a G…and end in Pro…. or… start with a G and end in min….. I haven’t quite decided yet…

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Week 1 of the Mayhem

We get rolling in Laycock Park this Wednesday night.  B group starts at 6:45pm, while the A group with start around 7:15pm.  Sign on will start around 6pm.  Please come early and be patient, it’s gonna be a little busy…

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Mayhem CX 2016 is FULL!

thanks to all who have signed up.  i guess you folks still love your cx.

stay tuned for details of early number pickup this Thursday night Sept 1.


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UPDATE: Mayhem Learn To Cross p/b the Chocolate Rocket 2016

Mayhem Learn To Cross p/b the Chocolate Rocket 2016 registration opens on Zone4 this Saturday Aug 13. Registration is limited to 20 people and will cost $10. The clinic will start at 10am in Saint Andrews Park NW on Aug 20. We expect the clinic to last 3-4 hours, or until we get tired of chasing Choco around the park.

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Mayhem Learn To Cross p/b The Chocolate Rocket – Saturday Aug 20

Mayhem Learn To Cross Clinic p/b the Chocolate Rocket and his assistant the CritMonster will be taking place at the Saint Andrews Park (NW) on Sat Aug 20.

Registration opens on starting Aug 15, space is limited to 20 people.

This clinic is meant for the entry level cross rider who is looking to work on some new bike handling skills along with learning some drills to practice on their own.

Stay tuned for more details shortly…

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#crossiscoming 2016

Registration for 2016 Mayhem Cross opens on at 3AM Monday August 29th. Limited spots, A and B groups only as per usual… You must be an ABA member to sign up…

We currently have 5 nights worth of park permits.  We are hoping to add a sixth night, stay tuned for details…


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No Crits announcement a month late…

Greetings all, my apologies for not formally announcing something earlier.    The Research Park site still isn’t usable.   The construction coming out of corner 2 is still producing dirt and gravel on to the road way.

I am still trying to land a course off of the street behind closed gates that belong to the City Of Calgary.  Trying to start dialogue with the one party who controls this land is proving once again to be very difficult.   At this point I am even just shooting for a couple of test events even to prove the site as being feasible.  If I am able to finally figure something out trust me you will all know about it shortly there after.

As for Mayhem Cross, we already have 5 permits all setup, and am hoping to maybe get 1 or 2 more.



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