Mayhem CX Rule change for 2017

Let us call this the “Isaac Niles Rule” 😉

No rider will be eligible to win our Men’s or Women’s A Group Trophy should they participate in even a single race on a bicycle other than a cross bike.

So basically if all you have is a mountain bike and you want to try cyclo cross please feel free to sign up and participate.  You will just not be eligible for our series trophy.



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It’s finally here…

The moment you have all been waiting for….
Mayhem CX Registration opens on on August 30 at 3am.
YOU MUST BE AN ABA Member to participate. Space is limited, boys and girls race together. A or B group are your category options, look at them as A being Too Fast, and B being Fast Enough.
We hope to have 6 races, check the schedule out here:
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#crossiscoming and it begins here….

Mayhem Learn To Cross p/b the Chocolate Rocket 2017

Back for the 3rd yr running, learn to cross with one of your favorite racers Kyle Husband the Chocolate Rocket.

Saturday August 19 at St Andrew’s Height Community Association 10 am to 1pm.

Sign up opens on tomorrow, August 12 at 6pm for $15.00.  You must be an ABA Member to attend the event.  The course is limited to the first 20 people who sign up.

Cya out there!

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Last race of Mayhem CX for 2016 tomorrow night

Racing at Shaganappi Park tomorrow at 6pm sharp

A Group first up, and then B group a little before 6:30

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We are a GO FOR TONIGHT Oct 12!

Thorncliffe Park

B Group at 6pm and A Group at 630.

Will be cold and dark when were done so please judge yourselves accordingly.

cya tonight

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Are you a U21 Rider from Southern Alberta and want to go to CX Nats this season?

It’s that time of year again, CX Nats are on the horizon. Midweek Mayhem along with Dark Knight organizers the Cyclemeisters want to help send some U21 riders to cross nats.
If you are U21, and live in southern Alberta we want to hear from you. Send me an email regarding why you want to go to CX Nats in Sherbrooke next month. Our plan is make a financial contribution to help you make it out there.
Send your email to midweekracing{@}
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Hey all, I have consulted with the Mayhem Brain Trust, all the websites I could find, plus after walking my dogs and freezing my hands we have decided to CANCEL TONIGHT.
This week and next were bonus weeks anyway. Long range forecast makes the next 2 weeks look sweet.
Stay home/warm, rest up after a hard weekend of racing and we will see you all next week.
Stay tuned for details about Mayhem helping fund Juniors going to CX Nats. Also our announcement re our year end party at CRAFT.
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Thorcliffe Park Wednesday Oct 5

Schedule tomorrow at Thorncliffe Park is:
B Group at 6:15pm
and A Group around 6:45pm
races at this point will be short ish based on the lack of light
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Concerns in Canmore and Shagannapi Parks

Hey Peoples. It has been brought to my attention that there are some people behaving poorly while riding in City Parks. Poorly to the point of having verbal confrontations will local residents. I admit, I ride in certain City Parks to get some CX practice in. Sadly for everyone’s information riding in a City Park on the grass is illegal unless you have a permit.
I can’t make everyone stop riding on the grass. I will not stop riding on the grass in certain locations. I can however beg you all to use better judgement out there. Yes, when some people approach us aggressively it’s hard to not return the favour. But once again I beg you all to take the higher ground on this one.
I have been personally contacted regarding specific events that have occurred at both Canmore Park, and Shaganappi Park recently where cyclists have not reacted nicely to being told by local community members about their concerns regarding damage to the grass. I understand these are primo cross locations for practice. I beg of you all to use these 2 parks either sparingly or not at all. As cross continues to grow our relationships have in many ways strengthened with City Parks and certain Community Leagues. However these poor interactions between cyclists and community members can set up back quickly.
It boils my blood to hear from Community Leaders that cyclists are saying they have a right to practice in the park because the Mayhem. PLEASE use better judgement out there. PLEASE do not say you are in the park because of Mayhem racing. Unless it’s a Wednesday night and I have a permit you are there illegally.
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Registration for Mayhem Cross is reopened!

Limited spaces… you have until tomorow night 9pm to sign up, SNOOZE YOU LOSE

You must be an ABA member, I have my ways of finding out…

Hoping to get 4 more races in.
See the schedule at

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