First night of racing at Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association tomorrow night

Tomorrow nights races are at Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association.
B group will start at 6:30 with the A group going shortly after 7pm.
Forecast is looking a little sketchy for tomorrow so pay attention to our Facebook and Twitter feads.
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You missed something special last night…

Miss a night, sometimes miss something special. That’s what the B race was last night. Seeing a battle at the front of the A race is nothing new. But to see the battle that was thrown down in the B race last night was a thing of beauty.

Special Special mention goes to Cole M (11yrs old) for giving the adults a run for their money the entire race. Cole lead after laps 1,2, and 4 out of 7 in total. Jack, Tony, James, Suzanne, and Nic put on a show that rivalled any A race.

B Race Results:

1 – Jack S**

2 – Tony**

3 – James**

4 – Suzanne M*

5 – Nic C**

6 – Cole M

* special mention to Suzanne who at one point was about to take the lead coming out of the final turn on the course, ended up having to stop to remove a pin flag, and had to chase back on and still finish near the top.

** you are all in A next week

Oh ya, Beefona is on fire in case you hadn’t noticed.

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Results after a special Thursday night edition…

Women’s A

1 – Tara 5 points

2 – Alana 4 points

3 – Amanda 3 points

4 – Kristin 2 points

5 – Justine 1 points

Men’s A

1 – Shawn 5 points

2 – Andrew 4 points

3 – Warren 3 points

4 – Graham 2 points

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Racing on Sept 11 is cancelled! Reschedule to Sept 12

We are cancelling tomorrow night due to wet conditions.

The races are a go for this Thursday night instead at Laycock Park.

6:30pm A Start, B Start around 7:15

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Standings after week 1

Women’s A Race

Alana Heise – Natasha Cowie – Tara W  – Justine Sagan

Men’s A Race

Bunnin – Davidson – Pottier – Muir – Yexley

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Mayhem CX 2019 status update…

Registration is now closed for Mayhem CX 2019.  Kyle and I are grateful for the overwhelming response.

Early number pickup will be at the Glenmore Velodrome tomorrow night (TUESDAY the 3rd), starting at 7:15pm and ending at 8pm.

If you are able to come early Kyle and I will be flipping the ABA trailer to CX mode starting at 630pm. Please feel free to come and give us a hand. I can’t sign in any people until the trailer is changed over. The ABA trailer is situated on the inside on the velodrome, for those who don’t know. Number pickup/sign on with take place in the bleachers of the velodrome.

See you tomorrow.

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It is almost time for Mayhem Cross 2019

It’s almost time…..Almost….

Kyle has been working super hard getting all the permits lined up for us. The first of 6 races start September 4th at Laycock Park. The remaining races will go ahead on the proceeding Wednesday nights. Exact time schedule and locations for all events will be released shortly.

Registration for Mayhem CX will be on Registration will open on August 28th, 9pm.

You must be an ABA Member to participate in Mayhem CX.

ABA Race License, ABA General Member, or a member of a registered ABA club all qualify. If you are only a member of a Registered Club we will need your club President to send us a list showing you on it. Your President can email us at midweekracing{@}

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Sorry folks, looks like Mother Nature is not on our side. Oct 10 – final Mayhem CX is CANCELLED!

So……. The final standings looks like this:
A Group Men
1st Warren M – 13 points
2nd Andrew D – 10 points
2nd David Y – 10 points
4th Graham D – 9 points
A Group Women
1st Amanda H – 17 points
2nd Alana H – 14 points
3rd Justine S – 10 points
4th Monique S – 7 points
We are very excited to add two new names to the Midweek Trophies. Big Congrats to Warren and Amanda!
Much thanks to Masa and Keith for helping Kyle and myself make the races we hosted run so smoothly.
Please stay tuned to your emails for updated information about our year end gathering happening on October 24.
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Oct 3 race at Deerfoot Park is CANCELLED!

Ummm in case you were wondering…. We are CANCELLING TOMORROW’s race at Deerfoot Park Oct 3.

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Overall Standings After 4 races…

A Group Men
1st Warren M- 13 points
2nd Andrew D – 10 points
2nd David Y – 10 points
4th Graham C – 9 points

A Group Women
1st Amanda H – 17 points
2nd Alana H – 14 points
3rd Justine S – 10 points
4th Monique S – 7 points

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