2011 Fees and Stuff – Crit

$50 plus Zone4 charges for the entire Crit Series.  Registration begins Sunday night May 8th at 8pm.  The $50 charge covers you to race every Tuesday night starting May 17 thru the end of August 2011.

*due to the usual overwhelming size of the B Group, should the group on any given night be larger then 40 riders, it will be split into 2 x 20 minute races.  Which race you ride in will be decided upon first come first served at sign on.

**you must be covered by Alberta Bicycle Association Insurance, this can come in a couple of different configurations:

1) valid ABA Race License

2) be a paid member of a bike club or team that is registered with the ABA

3) purchase a General Membership from the ABA

4) have a current out of province CCA/UCI license

***we will be checking with the ABA and club President’s to confirm your status


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