And here we go…….

Greetings, the City has kindly done a first pass at sweeping the mighty course.  Our plan is to get out there in the coming week to tidy it up a little more.

As usual  to take part in any activity put on by Midweek Mayhem you must be a Alberta Bicycle Association Member (this includes our Learn To Ride nights).

Registration for the Mayhem opens on on April 29th, with the first races to be held on May 13.  Check out the race schedule under the Crit Series Link.

Learn to Crit # 1 will be held on May6th.

Learn to Crit # 2 will be on May 12th.

Did I mention the Learn To Crit nights are FREE :)

You must sign up in advance for the Learn To Ride Clinics on Zone4.  We are limiting each Learn To Crit night to 25 people so get on it!  Our clinics are highly recommended for all new riders and anyone who needs an early season refresher.  Each evening includes discussion about proper crit racing technique and strategies along with riding some laps around the course.  Each session will last around 1 hr and are hosted by experienced racers.

For 2014 we will continue to have Race Chaperons riding with the Women’s Group and the C Group.  The Chaperons will help give out race pointers in real time during the races.

All Mayhem events are very dependant on the weather co-operating.  Please stay tuned to this blog or our Twitter feed (@midweekmayhem) for any last minute cancellations.

Please remember we always need help with Marshal’s around the course.  Even if your not racing, coming out and lending a hand  on course can be a great way to learn more about crit racing.

thx, and cya out there



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Helloo? Is anyone out there?

Greetings all, welcome to the 2014 Mayhem Crit Series!  The paper work is in, and as per usual the hoops are being jumped thru to get the 2014 season up and going.

Like last yr we will continue rotating thru the 4 groups, running 3 groups per week.

Check out the schedule under the Crit Series link.

We will be putting on a Learn To Crit night on the first Tuesday of May weather permitting.

You MUST be affiliated to the ABA to enjoy the Mayhem.  Be it thru a normal race license, are as a General Member of the ABA or an Affiliated Club.

Stay tuned for more details re the racing and registration opening on



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2013 Mayhem CX Champs are…..

2 yrs running – Women’s Champion Andrea Bunnin

Narrowly beating out last yrs champ Ian Auld, 2013 Men’s Champion is Dustin Andrews!

Congrats and much thanks to everyone who came out to this seasons Mayhem Cross Series.

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Standing going into the FINAL CX of the season…

Going into tonight’s Finale…..

(this doesn’t include what ever happened in Laycock Week #2, the paperwork seems to have gone missing)

Andrea Bunnin 15
Anna Felton 12
Alana Heise 8

Ian Auld 12
Dustin 10
Bailey 8
Houston 7
Shawn B 5
Warren Muir 2
Jeff Neilson 2

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Mayhem in Canmore Park (Calgary NW) tomorrow night!

With light fading fast these days we will be starting up early.  A Group to start at 6:15pm with the B’s going around 6:45 ish…

cya out there


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cya next week at Canmore Park!

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No Mayhem Cross on Oct 2

No Mayhem Cross next week, see everyone at Canmore Park on the 9th.  A group will go first at 6:15pm.

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CupCake Cross needs to KNOW

Crave needs to know how many people are coming to their race on SAT so they can make sure everyone gets a fresh sweet treats.  Sign up tonight to help them firm up their numbers sooner rather then later.  Register on Zone4.

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Two words for tonight – Dress Warmly

it’s gonna be a cool one I believe.  6:30pm B Group Start – A to follow around 7pm.  Thorncliffe Community just off of 56 Ave NE and Centre Street.


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Sept 18 Mayhem Cross #3 is CANCELLED!

sorry folks, gotta keep the powers that be at the City happy.  Be sure to sign up for the RMCC Cross race this Sunday, and we will see you next Wed at Thorncliffe Community…

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