Canmore Park is closed…

The Mayhem on October 8th has been moved to Laycock Park.

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Deerfoot Park again this week…

Don’t forget the South Parking Lot of Deerfoot Park is closed. If your driving to the Mayhem park in the North End Lot accessed from 14Ave NE.

B at 6:15pm   – A at 6:50 ish….

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Important Info Re Wednesday Night At Deerfoot Park…

The parking lot at the south end of the park off of 8th Ave NE is CLOSED.  We will be meeting up closer to the North end of the park accessed from  the end of 14 Ave NE.

A Group rides at 6:30pm SHARP!

B Group to follow around 7 pm give or take…


We will need a bunch of course marshals for each race like usual :)


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Registration Re-opens tonight at 8pm

Registration Re-opens tonight at 8pm.  LIMITED SPOTS AVAIL!

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Where did all the snow go?

I say WHO CARES!  Lets race some Mayhem CX!  Forecast is looking great for tonight.  It’s going to be busy with people signing on and grabbing their numbers,  PLEASE BE PATIENT.  Want things to go faster?  Bring your own PINS  LOL

We will definitely need some help marshalling each race and picking up the flags and barriers after the second race.

Sign on will be ready to go by 5:45pm, please stay off the course until we say it’s good to go :)

cya tonight



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Sept 10 Mayhem Cross Canceled!

ya ya, Mother Nature and I are about to have a meeting.  This white stuff is ridiculous. Don’t forget about heading up to Edmonton to get your cross on this weekend instead.


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ummmm, ya it is pouring on course right now. WE ARE CANCELED! We can’t risk too much damage to the beloved grass. Please know that it kills me a little inside to cancel, but to prolong our great relationship with the City this is what we must do. See ya in OKOTOKS on Saturday. Sign up for the Okotoks race on Zone4!

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Questionable for Mayhem Cross #1…

Forecast for tomorrow is not looking good. I will be checking out the park over the noon hour and hope to update everyone by mid afternoon.


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Update on Mayhem Cross Registration….

HOLY MOLY!  It’s obvious to see cross has been growing at an exponential rate over the past few seasons.  Having 150+ people sign up in around 48hrs is complete CRAZY Awesomeness!  I guess people really like cross, hey Mikey (if you don’t get the hey Mikey reference, if just shows how old I am).

So here’s the deal, the plan is to re open registration for either the 3rd race at Thorncliff, or for the 4th race at Deerfoot Park.  Reduced fees, etc etc.  Please be patient, we will deal with the massive herds of Mayhem Crossers the first 2 weeks at Laycock and then decide.

If your kicking around the next couple of Wednesday nights and need something to do….  Come on out and give us a hand marshaling, or just come out and get some heckling practice in.

thanks for making Mayhem Cross AWESOME!!!!!!


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Only five spots left in the B group!!!

We can’t honestly accommodate many more in one park on one given evening.  If you have been snoozing over the last 24hrs you may have missed out….

We will see how the first couple weeks go, hopefully we can open registration up again.

95 is B will be chaos as it is……It’s gonna be great!

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