Amended Final Standings For Mayhem CX 2017

Final A Group Standings For Mayhem CX 2017….

A Group Women
1st Tara Whitten 15pts
2nd Alana Heise 13pts
3rd Shawna Donaldson 11pts
3rd Justine Sagan 11pts

A Group Men

1st Isaac Niles 10pts*
2nd Shawn Beefona 10pts
3rd Rob Britton 9 pts
3rd Ad Hd 9 pts

*Isaac wins the 2017 Mayhem Cross Series based on 2 wins to Shawn’s 2nd and 3rd place finished.

Congrats to the winners who will have their names forever etched onto the fabulous Midweek Mayhem Cross Trophies.

Thanks again to everyone who signed up to race, and offered their help in making our series happen.

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Final Mayhem CX race Oct 11 CANCELED!

Hey folks, Kyle and I have consulted our crystal ball of weather…. and have decided to CANCEL TONIGHT. As the hours go on the weather and temps deteriorate. Thanks so much for signing up again this season, your support to our little series always blows us away. Much thanks to the volunteers who have helped out each week. And an especially big shout out to the Chocolate Rocket himself Kyle Husband for all his effort in making the Mayhem Cross series happen.

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October 4th Update

Hi all,

I checked the park last night and there was still quite a bit of snow. I will be on course at 4:15pm. If there is any standing water or if the ground is soft we will unfortunately have to cancel. This particular park is sensitive to turf damage so I’m going to err on the side of caution.

Start times today if we decide to race will be:
A group: 6:10
B group: 6:45

Thanks. I will send another update around 4:15 if we are a go.

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Wednesday Sept 27 Start Times

Thorncliffe Community Association

B Group 6:20pm

A Group around 7pm

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Here’s hoping for good weather tomorrow Sept 20

Thorncliffe Community Association
Start is:
A Group at 6:25 pm
B Group at 7pm
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Sorry Peoples, Mother Nature is kicking our ass this week. We are CANCELLED! Cya next week at Thorncliffe Community Association.
Next weeks order will be A then B, time TBD.
Cya in Canmore this weekend.
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Sept 13 2017 Update…

Presently +8 and raining on Laycock Park. If the rain continues we will cancel tonight. A decision will be made by 4pm today or earlier….

Tentative Start is:
A Group at 6:35pm
B Group shortly at 7pm

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Results from Week 1 of Mayhem CX 2017

Results from the racing last week:
B Group
1 – Guy Cote
2 – Anthony Kende
3 – Peyton Wiebe 
4 – Alex Kolesov
5 – Reid Kinniburgh

A Group Women
1 – Tara Whitten
2 – Alana Heise
3 – Shawna Donaldson
4 – Jill Cody

A Group Men
1 – Rob Britton
2 – Mark McConnell
3 – Shawn Beefona
4 – Warren Muir
5 – Ad Hd

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Mayhem CX #1 for 2017 tonight at Laycock Park. Sign on begins around 6pm. Please bring your own PINS. B Group to start around 6:40pm, A Group around 7:15pm.
Please remember how hard all Organizers work to secure City Parks and show some respect to all the cross race locations.
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I am looking for someone to come out to each of the Mayhem Cross Races to help me setup and manage the races.
The schedule can be found here:
I usually start setting up between 3-3:30pm. Race clean up and departure from the park is usually between 8-8:30pm. This is a paid gig, so if your interested email me at midweekracing {@}
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