Helloo? Is anyone out there?

Greetings all, welcome to the 2014 Mayhem Crit Series!  The paper work is in, and as per usual the hoops are being jumped thru to get the 2014 season up and going.

Like last yr we will continue rotating thru the 4 groups, running 3 groups per week.

Check out the schedule under the Crit Series link.

We will be putting on a Learn To Crit night on the first Tuesday of May weather permitting.

You MUST be affiliated to the ABA to enjoy the Mayhem.  Be it thru a normal race license, are as a General Member of the ABA or an Affiliated Club.

Stay tuned for more details re the racing and registration opening on Zone4.ca



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1 Response to Helloo? Is anyone out there?

  1. Justin says:

    Yes! I’m out here.
    Yes! I eagerly await the beginning of the Midweek Mayhem Crit Season!
    Yes! I will help out on corners and/or driveways whenever I’m not trying to see how high my heart-rate really goes!

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