You missed something special last night…

Miss a night, sometimes miss something special. That’s what the B race was last night. Seeing a battle at the front of the A race is nothing new. But to see the battle that was thrown down in the B race last night was a thing of beauty.

Special Special mention goes to Cole M (11yrs old) for giving the adults a run for their money the entire race. Cole lead after laps 1,2, and 4 out of 7 in total. Jack, Tony, James, Suzanne, and Nic put on a show that rivalled any A race.

B Race Results:

1 – Jack S**

2 – Tony**

3 – James**

4 – Suzanne M*

5 – Nic C**

6 – Cole M

* special mention to Suzanne who at one point was about to take the lead coming out of the final turn on the course, ended up having to stop to remove a pin flag, and had to chase back on and still finish near the top.

** you are all in A next week

Oh ya, Beefona is on fire in case you hadn’t noticed.

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